Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe to Make the Best Homemade Sauce

Store-bought sauces can disappoint you at times in taste. You can spend a lot of money buying the sauces, but making your homemade sauce can be less expensive and you are likely to make a perfect dipping sauce for egg rolls, chicken, fish sticks, and more. How can you go about it? Here is a sweet and sour sauce recipe you can rely on to make a much better sauce than store-bought.

Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

Easy Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

With only a few available ingredients, making sweet and sour sauce has never been this easy. Gather the ingredients and follow the recipe for best results. It’s that simple!

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 6 minutes

Servings: 14-16 servings

Calories: 52 kcal


  1. ¾ cup brown sugar
  2. 1 cup pineapple juice (canned)
  3. 1/3 cup rice vinegar or cider vinegar
  4. 2 tbsp soy sauce
  5. 3 tbsp ketchup
  6. 1 ½ cornstarch (dissolved in 1½ tbsp water)
  7. Optional – 2-3 drops natural red food coloring
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  1. In a small saucepan, place all the ingredients, except cornstarch mixture. Heat in medium heat until it boils (takes around 2 minutes).
  2. Add the cornstarch slurry in to the sauce and stir. Simmer for an additional minute to ensure the sauce thickens.
  3. In case you want to add coloring, stir in the all-natural coloring, and simmer for a few seconds.
  4. Once done, let your homemade sauce rest to cool. You can serve it when warm or cold.


  • To adjust the sweetness, play around with the sugar, and for tang, adjust rice or cider vinegar. For saltiness add salt to taste.
  • Avoid using freshly squeezed pineapple juice as it contains enzymes that are likely to break down cornstarch and that can prevent the sauce from thickening.

How to use homemade sweet and sour sauce

Sweet and sour source can be used just like any other sauce out there. The sauce is ultimately used for dipping food such as chicken nuggets, fish fillets. Potstickers, egg rolls, beef, meat balls, and more. It can also be used to dress salad and can be served with boiled rice as a topping to add flavor. 

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Storing homemade Sweet and sour Sauce

If you some sauce remained after taking your meal, you can keep it for up to 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Just transfer it into an air-tight jar and store in the refrigerator.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

If you are preparing chicken and want it to be sweet and sour, you don’t have to prepare a homemade sauce. You just need to follow the sweet and sour chicken recipe. The recipe includes all the ingredients used to make sweet and sour recipe such as cornstarch, vinegar, sugar, among others. You just need to fry your chicken, and then mix the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl. Then pour the mixture over the chicken pieces into baking dish, and bake in the oven for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

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Which ingredients do I use for chick fil a sauce recipe?

Besides the sweet and sour sauce, you can as well try chick fil a sauce recipe to make a wonderful sauce ideal for spreading into a burger or sandwich. The recipe includes barbecue sauce, honey, mayonnaise and mustard.

Final Words

You should learn to make tasty sweet and sour sauces at home. The above sweet and sour sauce recipe and information will help you make healthy sauces you can use to spice up your meals. That way, you can avoid spending too much money on store-bought sauces that disappoint you.

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