Ark Focal Chili Recipe – Filling dish Full of Nutritional Energy!

It’s advisable to take food full of nutritional energy and essential nutrients. You can make a nutritious meal and complete it with a nutritious filling dish providing more energy. Focal chili is one of the filling dishes you can prepare to make your meal complete. But how do you prepare a focal chili full of nutritional energy? Here is ark focal chili recipe you can use.

Ark Survival Evolved Focal Chili Recipe

Ark Survival Evolved Focal Chili Recipe

This focal chili recipe is simple and uses readily available ingredients. In minutes your focal chili will be ready.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes


  • 9 pieces of cooked meat
  • 20 azulberries
  • 20 amarberries
  • 20 tintoberries
  • 5 citronal
  • 10 mejoberrries
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  1. Submerge the ingredients in water in a cooking pot (at least 25% full)
  2. Cook in a cooking pot for 10 minutes on medium heat.
  3. Drink when hot or warm.

Effects of focal chili

This filling dish is rich in nutrients and will boost movement speed by 25% and crafting speed by 100% in the game.

The effects last for at least 15 minutes, and get spoiled after 5 hours.


To make focal chili recipe at home, you need to gather all the ingredients required and use the right amounts so that the chili can cook well and offer nutritional benefits. Remember to cook the chili for additional 5 minutes if it is not well cooked after 10 minutes. Avoid using high heat when cooking this recipe.

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Final Words

You can prepare a nutritious focal chili full of energy at home. The recipe is easy to make, and will result to a focal chili full of nutritional energy. Its effect lasts for at least 15 minutes and will boost your movement and crafting speed when playing the game.

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